Women Who Do Not Divorce / Rikon shinai onna (1986)

One of the highlights of the revival of the romantic melodrama in Japan during the eighties is Women Who Do Not Divorce, whose title is a bit misleading since both the principal women eventually do get divorces. Because it was directed by Tatsumi Kumashiro, I went into it expecting a pink film of higher quality … Continue reading Women Who Do Not Divorce / Rikon shinai onna (1986)

Symphony Pastorale / Denen kokyogaku (1937)

For any viewers who stumble on Symphony Pastorale on the very low resolution version on YouTube (hence no screen captures), its primary interest will be a chance to see Setsuko Hara in one of her earliest major roles. However, the movie also illustrates how difficult it was for the Japanese to adapt foreign literature before … Continue reading Symphony Pastorale / Denen kokyogaku (1937)