Rhapsody in August / Hachigatsu no rapusodi (1991)

Himself one of the last of the Japanese directors to have experienced the war years as an adult, Kurosawa in 1991 used Kiyoko Murata's novella of a woman spending time with her grandchildren as a basis for a movie about the lasting after-effects of the Nagasaki bombing. While Kinoshita had dealt with the blast and … Continue reading Rhapsody in August / Hachigatsu no rapusodi (1991)

Company Funeral / Shaso (1989)

Shaso opens with a title card translated as “Newspapers are written with intelligence but are sold by gangsters.” This is immediately followed by salesmen for two competing papers forging subscriptions and fighting with each other. But we soon turn to boardroom machinations as the President Okabe, whose father founded the paper, squeezes out the CEO … Continue reading Company Funeral / Shaso (1989)